Reproduce new, guarantee ecology, promote the transformation of the nail spirit to promote the high-quality development of Shaanxi to make greater progress

Reproduce new, guarantee ecology, promote the transformation of the nail spirit to promote the high-quality development of Shaanxi to make greater progress

Reproduce new, guarantee ecology, promote the transformation of the nail spirit to promote the high-quality development of Shaanxi to make greater progress

According to reports, since this year, Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission has fully implemented new development concepts, co-ordination of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, solid "six stable" work, fully implement the "six guarantees" tasks, promote structural adjustment, transformation, upgrade, New progress in the improvement results. In the first three quarters, the total production value of the region increased by 7%. The added value of high-tech manufacturing has increased, and the added value of equipment manufacturing has increased, and the proportion of industrial investment and private investment increased and a percentage point, and the urban new employment completed the annual task. %. "We put innovation as the biggest potential of the high-quality development of Shaanxi, with Qin Chuangyuan innovative driver platform for starting, adhere to corporate main body, talent main, market leading, government main push, vigorously cultivated the creative project, Kechuang Enterprise, new development kinetic energy Continuously spawning. "Zhang Xiaoguang said.

The reporter learned from the press conference that Qin Chuanggencino-drive platform framework basic formation 115 scientific and technological achievements have successfully transformed and registered, and scientific and medium-sized enterprises have exceeded 10,000, and the Bookmaking board listing (including club) companies reached 10. At the same time, the strategic emerging industry has developed rapidly, and the added value of strategic emerging industries in the first three quarters increased. In order to accelerate the improvement of Shaanxi economic development layout, Shaanxi pays close attention to the infrastructure interconnection, industrial division of labor collaboration, urbanization complex construction, promotion "Headquarters + Base" "R & D + production" "Flying Economy" and other models, promote Guanzhong, Northern Shaanxi The three major regions of Shaanxi are coordinated; the policy measures to support the high-quality development of county economies have formulated the list of "one county and one policy" matters, and the "one district" "one district multi-park" promotes the integration of the park to support each County (city) concentrated to build 1-2 leading industries, accelerate the strength of the county urbanization to make up shortboard; continue to do the "3 + X" characteristic modern agriculture, launch rural people’s environmental remediation to improve the five-year plan, promote rural water Infrastructure files such as electricity, road, gas, net upgrade.

"We insist on green water Qingshan is the idea of ??Jinshan Yinshan, strengthen the comprehensive governance, system governance and source governance of mountainous and forest Tin Lake.

"Zhang Xiaoguang introduced that Shaanxi continued to carry out the" five chaos "of the Qinling area, implement the key protected area of ??Qinling, the general protected area industrial access list management, 438 small hydropower governance completed, core protected area, key ecological area 169 mining property rights Exit; introduce the ecological protection and high quality development plan of the Yellow River Basin, strive for the first budget investment billion yuan, the ecological environment of the Yellow River Basin highlights the orderly advancement, the Huang River Dry flow, 101 sewage remediation, 101, Weihe River exit section Water quality stability and maintaining excellent; implement carbon-up carbon, deployment, 63 power generation companies into the national carbon emissions trading market, renewable energy generating power loaders account for 33%. To better service and integrate into new development patterns, continue to stimulate open Developing vitality, Shaanxi is keeping in the open shortboard, adhering to foreign trade foreign investment together, the channel platform is built together, and the overall promotion is open to domestic, foreign countries.

In-depth integration into the "all the way" big pattern, accelerate the self-trade test area, Shanghe organizational agricultural technical exchange training demonstration base, China-Eubei class Xi’an assembly center construction, open the submarine sea trade large channel Japan and South Korea transit goods round-trip test special, continuous promotion China-EU Class (Xi’an) high-quality development, revision of foreign investment project approved and filing management methods, the number of exhibitors of Silk Exhibition has a new high.

In the first 10 months, the total import and export growth increased, the actual use of foreign investment growth%, the 3203 column of China-Europe class, and the core indicators stably ranked in the country. Around the problem of solving the masses "urgent expensive", focusing on the promotion of urban and rural residents to increase the income of urban and rural residents, "14th Five-Year Plan" promotes resident income and promotes the benefits of the people Huimin, and fully implement the reduction and stability of the employment policy, The development of labor-intensive industries promotes the employment in the past, and the per capita disposable revenue of residents in the first three quarters increased by 10%. Vigorously develop social undertakings, to promote the "double minus" work, urban old communities and supporting infrastructure renovation projects, and 900,000 households.

Zhang Xiaoguang said, the next step, the Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission will twist the high-quality development, and the whole force will go steadily.

Deep understanding high-quality development practice requirements, in the planning idea, in the development of policy, in the implementation of the project construction, follow the integration of work practice; in the intensive reform and innovation, supporting connection, departmental linkage, etc. Kung Fu, accelerate the establishment of a complete system policy system that meets the requirements of the new development concept; focusing scientific and technological innovation, urban and rural areas coordinated development, ecological protection management, deepening reform to expand open, guarantee and improve people’s livelihood, etc.; continuous strengthening business Very clear orientation, rectification formism, bureaucratic, and push high quality development with staples.

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