The Fourth (expanded) meeting of the Gansu Provincial Security Committee

The Fourth (expanded) meeting of the Gansu Provincial Security Committee

The Fourth (expanded) meeting of the Gansu Provincial Security Committee

meeting venue.

Gansu Provincial Fire Rescue Corps is awarded by the people’s network, November 18 (Wang Wenjia), November 17, the fourth time of the Gansu Provincial Security Committee was held. The meeting analyzed the current safety production situation and arranged to deploy Gansu Province safe production and this winter and spring fire prevention and control. The Standing Committee of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee, the Secretary-General of the Provincial Party Committee, the executive deputy governor, and Shi Houjun, executive deputy director of the Provincial Security Committee, attended the meeting and speaking. The person in charge of the member of the Member of the Gansu Provincial Council, the Gansu Provincial Emergency Management Office, Han Zhengming, the Gansu Provincial Fire Rescue Corner, the leader, etc. participated in the meeting.

The meeting was hosted by the Deputy Secretary-General of the Gansu Provincial Government. The conference was notified to express the advanced collective and advanced workers who were commended by Gansu Province; Han Zhengming informed the safety production situation of Gansu Province from January to October; the Army summary reviewed the fire prevention work in Gansu Province this year, in-depth analysis Provincial winter fire regular characteristics, and arranges five aspects of the province today, the province, the fire accident, the five aspects of the prevention, the sensitive place, the base end, emerging activities, and major festivals. The meeting requires that we must earnestly recognize the situation, always grasp the safety production work, and all departments must be awake and understand the current grim and complicated security situation, highly vigilance safety production hidden dangers, strengthen risk rolling trade, the initiative and targeted , Effectively build safety production dams, ensuring the safety of the people’s lives and property and the social overall situation. Leading cadres at all levels should take the initiative. At the above rate, personally study the deployment, supervise the implementation of the implementation of the actual actions and the actual effects of safe care stability and actual effects. "

The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to keep watching the key areas and fully prevent all kinds of risk hazards.

The relevant departments and units in all over the country will strictly reach road traffic safety measures, effectively improve the level of gas safety management, and promote safety remediation in the construction of construction, continuously strengthen the safety risk prevention and control in mines. In terms of prevention and control work, it is necessary to combine the characteristics of winter fire regularity, close attention to the most vulnerable fire risk, key parts and places in group death, especially to keep the current epidemic prevention and control, and put the designated medical institution , Centralized isolation points, medical materials production enterprises and closed cells, residents are the top priority, and timely eliminate fire hazards. The meeting requires to tighten the liability chain to ensure that the prevention measures are implemented in place. All relevant departments should organize the advice of the secret, adopting the "four non-two straight" means to carry out supervision and supervision, find out the problem, the disease, the disease, and prevent accidents to prevent hidden dangers and prevent accidents.

It is necessary to promote the supervision responsibility of the industry sector through the discussion, listed, supervised, serious accountability and other measures.

It is necessary to strengthen safety law enforcement inspections, use the law and rectification, seizure and other administrative means and administrative means of the project approval, administrative licenses, and improve the cost of illegal violations, and forced enterprises to implement safety responsibility. The meeting pointed out that we must strengthen the duty preparation, strengthen emergency, and rescue preparations. All departments must strictly implement the 24-hour duty and leadership class system to ensure smooth communication, timely reporting information.

The fire rescue, the forest firefighting team must strengthen the duty value, deploy strength and materials in advance in the key part, and do a good job in normalization. The rescue power of each industry must strengthen daily training management, often carry out emergency drills, encounter emergencies, can be quickly dispatched, and invest in rescue. Before the meeting, the responsible comrades met with representatives and individuals of the "Advanced Collective" "Advanced Collective" "Advanced Workers" in Gansu Province.

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