Suzhou City, Xiaoxian promoted the construction of high quality development in close-oriented counties

Suzhou City, Xiaoxian promoted the construction of high quality development in close-oriented counties

Suzhou City, Xiaoxian promoted the construction of high quality development in close-oriented counties

In recent years, Xiaoxian, Suzhou City, insists on promoting the construction of tight-type county medical communities as a result of consolidating health and poverty alleviation, realizing the key initiatives of rural residence, integrating counties resources, strengthening policies, and deepening medical and health system reforms, and enhancing county comprehensive medical service capabilities Multiple measures to promote the construction of high quality development in tight-type county medical commissions. Taking a "total" word, establish an efficient coordination mechanism, focus on reconstruction of county medical health service system, the county, the construction of tight-type county medical residential construction as a fundamental, basic, basic Work, to promote the spirit of the spirit, and do a good job in the "total" article.

Established a leading group of close-type county medical community construction, introduced "Multi-Party Promotion of the Party Committee", the construction of the party committee, the government, the department, and promote the medical affirmation The construction provides strong guarantee: the work mechanism under the leadership of the party committee, the Council consists of the responsible comrades of the lead hospital and member units, responsible for daily operation management; in accordance with the principle of streamlined, clear, highly collaborative, lead hospital in the original On the basis of administrative departments, the 15 functions management departments of the Health Supervision, the Medical Insurance Bureau, the Board, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Finance Bureau, the Development and Reform Commission, and the Food and Drug Administration have formed a working force, division of labor, responsible for the daily operation management of the medical affirmation; The county medical institution’s service capabilities and population distribution, and the establishment of two medical skills of county hospitals and Chinese medicine hospitals, the business management solutions, grading diagnosis and treatment, and performance assessment management methods, and drug equipment management methods, The relevant regulations and systems such as the Medical Council, the Charter of the Board of Supervisors; Implement "Eight Unity" and integrated management county and township hospitals.

Found around a "strong" word, strengthen the leader leading to drive, and focus on improving the county medical service capability, the county puts deep medical reform, improving the integrated medical service capacity of county as the fundamental policy of sustainable and high quality development, according to the county The requirements of strong, homesick, and village stabilize, consolidate the basic base, highlight specialist leadership, promote the sinking of resources, promote up and down, and realize that the county level is strong to the county.

Accelerate the construction of provincial regional specialist medical centers. Cooperate with the Department of Dominant Medical College to build the "Xiaoxian Hospital of the First Affiliated Hospital of Bengbu Medical College", through the part of the hospital, technological innovation, scientific management, etc. Strength, ensuring that after 3 years, Xiaoxian People’s Hospital reached the level of the county-level three-level hospital. Strengthen the construction of grassroots hospital facilities. Using special funds 1.47 million to standardize construction of 114 village-level health sections; planned to invest hundreds of township health centers for Sun Weizi, Yongxi, Du Building, and Yanglou four township hospitals for renovation or new construction.

Strengthen the construction of talents in the grassroots hospital.

Based on the 64 medical backbone talents and experts, they will help township hospitals to recruit 136 talents. Ordn for free medical students, and jointly entrust 6 rural doctors, and 960 medical staff of the town village medical staff. .

Grasping a "joint" word, implement the long triangulation integrated strategy, combined with the level of the county and township medical institutions, the county will implement the Yangtze River Delta integrated development strategy as the fundamental follows of the development of various fields, to strengthen the medical field and Suzhou, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, China The cooperation is for the forerunner, and the interconnection of online medical technology is actively passed through a "joint" word, and combines the level of medical treatment in the domain hospital. Strengthen the docking with Xuzhou.

Signed a business cooperation agreement with 2 three-level hospitals such as Xuzhou Municipal Bureau of Municipal Bureau, and cooperate with Xuzhou Central Hospital to build a total construction area of ??160,000 square meters of Fengcheng Hospital.

Strengthening the docking with, Huaibei. Formation of city, county, township three-level remote imaging diagnostic network, covering 2 secondary hospitals and 23 township hospitals (community health service center), covers 100%. Strengthen the interconnection of medical institutions within the domain.

It is established 3 + X family doctor’s signing service team consisting of counties, township, village three-level medical staff and specialists, to provide a full-scale, full life cycle health service to sign up the masses, forming "unsattended early prevention, small diseases , Big disease can consult, slow disease has management, referral to help dock control system. Enhance a "tube" word, innovate comprehensive supervision model, and focus on constructing multi-level supervision and management system, the county insists on promoting the important guarantee for promoting medical reform, and focusing on the system mechanism to ensure sustainable development of medical commissions.

Reform medical insurance payment method. Take the "total budget, quarterly predecessor, balance, super branch], 90% of the urban and rural residents’ medical insurance funds to the implementation of medical unit purchase services, and the remaining 10% is the risk of risk. Innovation integrated regulatory model. Construction of government inspector, industry management, group supervision, social supervision of the four-level medical fund supervision and management system, use the media, hire the National People’s Congress, the CPPCC, supervise the "three-in-one system" implementation situation and medical fund operation, standardize medical service behavior Maintain the safety of medical insurance funds.

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