The people’s comment: It is related to minors, and the Forbidden City has a good head.

The people’s comment: It is related to minors, and the Forbidden City has a good head.

The people’s comment: It is related to minors, and the Forbidden City has a good head.

Following the front of the Former Palace Museum announced that "Free Open" is free to do it ", there are more than 40 patriotic education bases in Beijing, Yuanmingyuan, Beijing Tianwen Museum, have announced free opening for minors. This move is worth a little! In recent years, with the children to visit the museum inherit the excellent traditional culture, visit the Science and Technology Museum to explore the knowledge, into the art museum Tao Yuxi, becoming a lot of parents. Previously, because of economic efficiency, many Wenbofields provide free or preferential services to minors, generally limited to one day in the opening day, or half a ticket, or scope limit, only to visit some specific venues, Many minors have not benefited.

It is clearly stipulated in the revised minor protection law this year, and the patriotic education base should be freely open to minors. Beijing a number of patriotic education bases actively cooperate, abandon some income, improve the ticket service management system, showing the sincerity of the health of minors and protects the healthy growth of minors. Taking the Forbidden City Museum as an example, in the original 6 years of age or less than the mid-mean primary and middle school students freely, all open days are free to open the opening day, free of charge, free range, including Treasures and Watch Museum .

From the price of the preferential price, the Forbidden City took the initiative to open the embrace, and it made a texture in promoting patriotism and cultivating national feelings.

The more than 40 high-quality Wenbo venues in Beijing are freely open for minors. On the one hand, the active response to the minor protection law can better play the role of patriotic education demonstration base; on the other hand is the minor More satisfied with people’s cultural needs, let them have more place to broaden their horizons, so that excellent cultures have infiltrated heartfields, create a good cultural atmosphere for the healthy growth of minors.

It is worth noting that the Wenbo Saton is ushered in more minors, in the face of greater governance challenges, it is necessary to develop a variable system and measures to improve the quality of service and management.

Strengthening the protection of collections, providing more vivid and interesting free explanations for minors, organizing various cultural and artistic activities suitable for minors, according to the psychological characteristics of minors and the demand for education, and strengthen display design … In the enhanced attraction While adding more participation, adding more participation, so that minors returned with full gains. At the same time, integrate ideological and moral construction into it and give full play to the educational guidance function of minors and truly do good things. Juvenile Ministry of Nationality.

The minor is the future of the motherland. When more minors often walk into the patriotic education base, they will allow them to harvest more cultural influences, cultivate patriotism, national feelings, and stimulating. Growth spiritual power. The Forbidden City, Yuanmingyuan and other literary venues have been a good head. I look forward to the future of more museums, art gallery, and science and technology museums, etc. This is also the righteousness to escort the healthy growth of minors. (Editor: Yan Shuai, Fu Long) Sharing let more people see.