The Fujian Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has created "two points" to push "small special" economic high quality development.

The Fujian Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has created "two points" to push "small special" economic high quality development.

The Fujian Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has created "two points" to push "small special" economic high quality development.

On December 10, the BRE RESUTORACT ("Small Special" Party Building Office) held a small and micro enterprise self-cultivation professional market party building work TV conference, market supervision bureau registration bureau (small special party building office) Director, Director Yang Hongcan attended the meeting and speaking, deputy director of the Registration Bureau (small special party construction office), and deputy director Han Xu attended the meeting.

Jilin, Anhui, Fujian, Guangxi and other provinces and Zhejiang Taizhou Market Supervision Bureau and the Party Secretary of the Shenyang Delie Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., Wang Degang, Chairman, Guangxi Yulin City, "small special" party committee deputy secretary, Chinese herbal medicine market Wu Zhiying, secretary of the Party Branch, made a presentation.

At the meeting, Liu Xianyi, member of the party group and deputy director of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, introduced our bureau to create a "small special" party building work contact, demonstration point (hereinafter referred to as "two points") as an important starter, promote "small special" The deep integration of party construction and enterprises, realizing the "strong party building, promoting development" goals, effectively promoting the "small special" economic high quality development.

Deputy Director Liu Tianyi pointed out that in terms of organizational leadership, the Party Group of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau fully recognized the important role of "small special" party construction in service enterprises, promoting the "two health" aspects of the enterprise, established a regular study of party groups, party construction , Party construction work contact points, party construction work demonstration point, party construction supervision notification and other five working systems. Through the organizational co-construction, team training, activities, the activities of the activities, the development of the "four Commons joint construction" activities, and promote the provision of "small special" party construction work.

In order to better carry out the "two points" work, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau specializes in the investigation group, and has launched a special research on the 9-local city bureau, 32 counties (municipalities, districts) and 66 enterprises, widely listening to the enterprise and Party workers’ opinions, earnestly summarize the party construction experience, explore the establishment of "two points" working systems and creation standards. In terms of work, one is to strengthen deployment. Each year, the "small special" party building is developed, and "two points" work as key work, combined with "unforgettable, remember the mission" theme education, party history learning education, etc., increase the creation, lead "small special "Economic development is growing.

The second is to formulate standards.

Printing and distributing the "two points" standard standards, put forward the unified rules and regulations, unifying the party building archives information, unifying the "three unified" creation requirements for the party membership activities and places, have a facility, have a sign, a party flag, there is a book, there is a book The "six" creation standards of the system promotes the standardization, standardization of "two points" construction. The third is to pay close attention to the implementation. Strictly in accordance with the creation standard, through the first-line field inspection, cross-mutual inspection, the first trial of the non-public party committee, and the layout of the "small" "small special" party construction work contact and 16 provincial-level "is established in the province. A Demonstration Site of Party Construction Work.

Under the strong driving of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, the Jiu Yunyi District Bureau established 1900 "small special" party building work contact points, "small special" party building demonstration site is 700. In the construction of the team, it is strengthening training.

Using the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau "Small Special" party construction training base to hold 7 issues of system-based party cadres business training courses, three hundreds of people have more than 800 people; entrusting well-known colleges and universities such as Zhejiang University to hold 4 party organization secretary demonstration training classes, participate More than 500 people were trained; and the local conditions were also trained, and 37 training courses were held, and more than 1,700 training courses were held.

The second is to strengthen guidance.

Establishing "small special" party cadres party building hanging hook, stipulates that "small special" party cadres have no less than 3 "small special" party construction contact units, at least 3-5 provincial market supervision every year. The "two points" units created by the Bureau have carried out visits and cultivated the contact points created by the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau into the party construction work demonstration benchmark.

The third is to drive.

Innovation to carry out the creation of "Party Membership Demonstration Demonstration (Store) Enterprise", in the province’s catering service industry, advertising industry (industrial park), and local other special industries, a number of "small, integrity management, and masses are generally recognized" small "Party Construction Brand, Comprehensively Improve the Safety Degree of Industry Consumption Environment, the integrity of the operator and the satisfaction of consumers."