Special Service Center Chongqing Heritage Manager System Accelerates Falling

Special Service Center Chongqing Heritage Manager System Accelerates Falling

Special Service Center Chongqing Heritage Manager System Accelerates Falling

  Xinhuanet Chongqing November 12th (Han Menglin) To better implement the heritage manager system, standardize the service behavior of the heritage manager, under the guidance of the Chongqing Municipal Judicial Bureau, the Chongqing Municipal Lawyers Association jointly established "Heritage Management" "People Service Center", 34 law firms have been successfully selected by the first batch of heritage management library (institutions), and have taken an important step in order to further promote the implementation of the "legacy manager system".

After the initiative is introduced, the two sides will establish an advantage complementary and cooperative heritage manager model, and better serve the people’s family wealth inheritance.

  The "Civil Code" officially implemented on January 1 this year established my country’s legacy manager system, clarifies the basic content of the legislative management system, providing a clear legal way and legal guarantee for the processing of heritage inheritance on the legislative level. . "Before the distribution of the heritage, due to the lack of professionals, the management of the legacy, the management of the norms may lead to the risk of damage, loss, hide, transfer, so that the legacy dispute is increasing.

"Yang Mei, director of the Chongqing Municipal Lawyers Association Marriage," therefore, "therefore, for some families, the entrusted heritage administrator is especially necessary. "Ms. Li from Chongqing is a single woman, because the parents have divorced, Ms. Li has been with the grandfather who has been raised by the grandfather. To prevent accidents, grandfather who has been over 80 will gain life security. In May of this year, Ms. Li signed the "Heritage Manager, the Executive Entrusted Contract" in the Chongqing Zhuo Wei Law Firm, one of the heritage administrators, by knowing the relevant systems and procedures to the Chongqing Law Firm.

  The two sides agreed in the contract: divide her personal property into two parts, part of the donation to the society after their death, and the other part is used to pay the old age and medical expenses of Ms. Li.

At the same time, the two sides also ensure that after Ms. Li, the heritage manager can strictly implement the content of its will.

After signing the contract, the two sides were notned by the contracts signed by the two river notary, and finally helped Ms. Li realized her unexpected property distribution and the wish of supporting the elderly. This is a typical case that Chongqing has officially landed in promoting the "Heritage Manager System".

  Chen Zhu, a lawyer who served as a heritage manager in Chongqing, was introduced.

Traditional home property contains cash, deposits, real estate, etc., and today’s home property is more distributed, such as stock options, all kinds of funds, mortgages, etc. are all home property, and usually have possible possible possibilities. After signing the contract with the testator, the heritage administrator is to intervene, regularly master the changes in the property of the testator, in order to provide the heir to provide the most stable legal guarantee to ensure that the will of the will be effectively implemented after his body. "

  The relevant person in charge of the Chongqing Municipal Lawyers Association said that in the management management, the judgment of the creditor’s debt, the judgment of the will, the legal determination of the inheritance, and the inheritance procedures are required to apply a lot of legal knowledge.

To this end, lawyers serve as a professional legal service entity and served as a natural professional advantage. At the same time, the notarization agency as a public welfare, non-profit legal perspective, has independent, professional, just, long-term, and will also become one of the appropriate candidates for the heritage manager. In the future, the Chongqing Municipal Lawyers Association will absorb more institutions into the reservoir and urge the investment institutions to provide high-quality and efficient legal services according to law.