Shaanxi County: Deciprive the Pilot Construction of New Times Civilization Practice Center with practical actions

Shaanxi County: Deciprive the Pilot Construction of New Times Civilization Practice Center with practical actions

Shaanxi County: Deciprive the Pilot Construction of New Times Civilization Practice Center with practical actions, December 8th news (Reporter Wang Jiaai) In October 2019, Shaanxi County was identified as a pilot county in the new era Civilization Practice Center. In 2020, Yang County New Times Civilization Practice Center is officially completed, marking the The county has taken an important step in the "last kilometer" in the construction of the spirit and civilization of the masses.

  Stepping into Yang County New Times Civilization Practice Center, a model of old hero Zhang Fuxing’s military power chapter seems to be extravagant, a photo of the volunteer love service activity is attractive to slow down, read … In recent years, Yang County adhere to the theme of "communication ideology, practice civilization, serving the masses, achievements" as the theme, innovation, "evaluation, move, bright, happy, help" civilized practice six law, vigorously implement the "courtyard six delivery", spread scientific thinking; Give the "Four Seasons Review", cultivate the mainstream value; promote the "three sessions", deepen the wind and easy to move; Happy hometown. Yangzhuan Yangzhou Sub-district Office, Binfin Community (Central British Net), in the Yangzhou Sub-district Office, in March 2019, since the beginning of the civilized practice station, the establishment of the Critical Left-behind Children’s volunteer service Substantial effect. At the beginning of 2020, in the new crown epidemic investigation and visiting, the community cadres found that most of the residents of the jurisdiction is to facilitate the child to live in the urban area, and the parents are in foreign migrant workers, staying in children, and there is less concerns.

The community’s new era civilization practice station attaches great importance to what is thinking about left-behind children. In order to let left-behind children have careful care, strengthen leadership, management and tracking services for left-behind children, and the community has established a relationship with left-behind children. Team.

  The community establishes a sound organization, clear division of labor, responsible to people’s mechanisms, forms a responsibility of practical stations, all volunteers participation, regularly carry out "love hand handle, let left-behind children," to care for left-behind children volunteer service activities.

Establish a left-behind children’s file, establish a contact card, easy to communicate with each other, and timely understand the specific situation of left-behind children.

58 left-behind children in the community are paided by many volunteers such as communities, schools, and hospitals. Regularly launch a visit care, talk to left-behind children, counseling, etc., so that the left-behind children stay away from parents " , There is a human guard, it is difficult to help. " Give "left-behind children" to give "left-behind children" by communicating with the face-to-face face-to-face face-to-face face-to-face, learning, and psychologically give "left-behind children".

  The community hosted a group of left-behind children at least every quarter to strengthen left-behind children. Connection with left-behind children, a network parent-child interactive activity is carried out every quarter, let left-behind children inform the fun and difficult parents in life, strengthen parent-child interaction, and guide parents to pay attention to left-behind children.

Union County Harmony Hospital launched "Caring for Children’s Health, Improving into Community" Children’s Health Physical Examination Activities, for left-behind children to inspect the body, guide the guardian to guide the correct life care method.

The community has implemented the good policy of returning children in the community, so that the nice policy of caring for children is implemented, so that left-behind children will experience the love of society, and the education guides parents to pay attention to their child’s physical and mental health, and the children will establish the correct world view. Life view and values. Website Editor: White Mengjie.