Rocket Forces regiment three coaches to develop training programs, and strengthen the "military experts" team

Rocket Forces regiment three coaches to develop training programs, and strengthen the "military experts" team

Rocket Forces regiment three coaches to develop training programs, and strengthen the "military experts" team

Rocket Forces regiment build talent development framework – three coaches play an active training field ■ Wang Yanjie Liberation Army Daily special correspondent correspondent Zheng Yi Deng Dongrui instrument training ground, while explaining Lance Corporal Xiao Mengxiang training action essentials, the side bars demonstration …… 11 in mid-May, the new rocket forces regiment barracks, a coach conscripts flourish scene, attracted reporters attention. "In recent years, the regiment served as conscripts pay attention to selection of outstanding new training backbone.

"The delegation leader, told this reporter that they build talent development framework, so that conscripts took Coaches, bear part of the basic training mission, give full play to human resources benefits.

A few years ago, the group has encountered difficulties in the deployment of key recruits during basic training: primary trainer capable of doing the job in short supply, only to mid-level coaches in charge of the Theory Teaching missiles "off the bench." Over time, coaches the team a "shattering" the embarrassing phenomenon. "We must be innovative personnel training system, to enhance the long-term development path planning capability for the quality of officers and soldiers.

"After in-depth discussions regiment party committee believes that to solve the problem of talent shortage must be close to the actual unit, covering the construction of personnel selection, training, system development framework used to make fine use of human resources and scientific. To this end, the group focused units the nature of the characteristics and undertake the task of teaching, the introduction of a "pyramid" talent development framework: the distinction between "teaching rookie, expert coach, coach Master Chief" three coaches to develop training programs and scientific co-ordinate each grade level staff ratio, improve qualification, competition and other promotion evaluation mechanism regiment authority staff Zhao Yi introduced after training, all through training camp sergeants’ teaching rookie "qualification, of which there are a lot of people grow into" the coach experts ", higher level teaching qualification. Sergeant Lvjun Hao this very well. at first, he was relying on the old squad leader who mentoring, coupled with her own training techniques, many outstanding performance in the task of teaching, was named "gold trainer. "However, with the introduction of the new training model of talent regiment, Lvjun Hao younger coaches feel more and more come to the fore, and even their own good at teaching subjects such as throwing grenades, also a great tendency to be transcended.

Reporters learned that, in order to strengthen the "spire" training regiment year more than the selection of Military Training aces, missile professional and technical backbone of training teaching experts as a seedling, the specially planned growth path, in batches free school upgrade training.

Today, the "soldiers of experts’ growing ranks of" spire "escalating human capacity.

Four Master Sergeant Yang is strong according to the regiment’s first "teaching rookie."

From the Army Special Operations Academy returned, according to Yang strong idea of combining the special training and unit training mode, not only organized a series of teaching writing training manuals, involved in designing the Military Training APP, also trained more than teaching aces, awarded two and other functions.

So that "forest people" confluent growth ■ In the Central Military Commission of talent work conference on boosting President Xi Liu stressed the need to adhere to the road of independent training of personnel to take a good, insisting on military training based, diversified ways of combining to form characteristics of our army personnel training and usage patterns to improve the supply capacity and personnel preparing war level. Strong talent is the cause of a strong, prospering the army Hing. As "fish need water," military personnel thrive without a favorable environment. Scientific personnel training system, is like fertile ground for breeding "talent forest".

Only by relying on systems thinking, innovative ideas in order to make the rapid rise of modern people square, so that the growth "forest people" contiguous.

Army regiment rocket science to build talent development framework, an echelon of convergence, healthy development, talent lively situation, their experience and practice is worth learning and reference.