The "epidemic" of the big war: a group of people "connected"

The "epidemic" of the big war: a group of people "connected"

The "epidemic" of the big war: a group of people "connected"

  Dalian, November 17 (Reporter Cai Zongjun, Guo Xiang, Zhang Yifei) High Virus is high, fast transmission speed, short intergeneration, and is hidden, it is not easy to find – Delta variants.

  The hardest measures, the most teared to watch, the most powerful force … Dalian, the "Great Wall" prevention and control of the exhibition with a piece of brick stone.A city, emergency mobilization!On November 4, a new crown virus nucleic acid detection in Dalian Zhuang River was blew the assembly number of the epidemic prevention and control.

The number of people reported in the first day of the report reached 16 cases, and the number of infected people in five days was broken. As of 16 days, the number of infections increased to 314 cases.

  On the 15th, Ma Xinguang, Party Secretary of Dalian CDC, said that the new crown virus involved in Dalian’s round of epidemic belongs to Delta variants, and all strains currently sequencing in Dalian gene sequence are the same spread chain. Up to now, Dalian’s whole domain has completed three-round all-employed nucleic acid detection, and the Zhuanghe City has completed nine rounds of nucleic acid detection.

Zhao Lian, deputy director of the Dalian Health and Health Committee, said that the national and Liaoning Province emergency tour "gas film cranks" and mobile cranks have supported Dalian, Dalian Daily testing capacity reached nearly 500,000 tubes.

  Defend the campus! From the 7th, the first case of diagnosis of cases to 24:466, a total of 79 cases of Zhuanghe University City have been diagnosed.

  "After infection in the school, if it is not possible to find a large scale aggregated infection." Dalian City CDC disinfection test department Changzhou Yiheng said. Dalian urgently took about 400 people to the Zhuanghe University City, participated in the cooperation with the school to carry out the dormitory epidemic sealing control, catering and distribution and domestic garbage clearance. Nearly 50,000 healthy meals per day are sent to my classmates.

  78 counselors, 3,490 student cadres were dispatched to ensure the day-to-day operation of the campus. 49 Dalian Psychological Society experts recorded the video, "Butterfly Shooting", and the "Butterfly Shoot" and the "Butterfly Shoot". Strictly prevent the overflow! After the epidemics occur, Dalian Rachels built a steel defense line that crossed the city portal, and strictly prevented the spread of the epidemic.

  The 36 highway toll stations closed, 20 epidemic prevention test points, epidemic prevention staff in the air, and the first line of the anti-control epidemic in 24 hours.

A group of people, the charge is on November 8th, the Nurses of the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, Dai Hongke, the top of the wind, and the team went to the Ganjingzi District Hongqi street for nucleic acid sampling. She was a medical team in Liaoning, this time, she war for her hometown. Thousands of "Dai Like" supports the city to protect umbrella.

  They are "big white", which is a white power that is peaceful.

  From all kinds of nucleic acid sampling site to centralized treatment center, from the closed management area to concentrated the hotel … Your eyes "big white" or white angel, or community workers, or drivers, but always rushing "epidemic "Forefront. The Zhuanghe City has passed the nucleic acid detection of nine rounds.

The clothes were wet, sweat, goggles, Dalian University, Zhongshan Hospital, Dalian University, to Zhuanghe nucleic acid collection team Song Jian said that the end-door nucleic acid collection is also unable to delay, "Daily climb more than 200 layers every day, tired For a dozen seconds, it slowly continues to fight.

"They are" red vest ", which is a warm-hearted volunteer light. The Epidemic Prevention and Control Site in Tailing Town, Zhuanghe City, can always see the red vest of volunteers, Yu Meina, Yu Asian male three sisters, they maintain nucleic acid detection site order, assisted the village road 24-hour control, and became a red landscape of small villages. They are "Tibetan blue" "fluorescent yellow" "blue hats", is a solidity backing.

  "The power supply equipment is stable." Dalian Power Supply Company of the National Net Dalian Power Supply Company excludes the risks of the Central Classic nucleic acid testing laboratory in the cold wind. "Special people stand 24 hours to ensure emergency generators, ‘ Blue Hat ‘can’t’ dropped the chain ‘. "As of now, there are 8778 community cadres, 17,708 volunteers, and 21,600 public security police officers. They are the spine of "epidemic", and each name is shining.

A heart, the people in the "Epidemic" War, the people are the source of all power.

  "Zhuang River Come on!" This is a shout of home isolation. Zhuanghe City Chengguan Street, Wanjia Light, a "Zhuang River refueling" breaks silence.

The email picks a wave of shouts, one waves cover a wave. Wear a mask, pull the interval. Light, music, walk! Campus closed management of Dalian University of Technology, the students in the Beishan Living Area jumped up the square dance, more than half of the dancing is a doctoral student, which is called "ceiling of the square dance". "The residents queued consciously kept the rice separation, and the order is particularly good." Li Hongqiu, a community staff who maintains order in the Jade District of Shahekou District, said Li Hongqiu. "For the health of yourself and others, the city’s early ‘rehabilitation’, each citizen is unhusted." A citizen waiting for a nucleic acid sample. From "Non-Necessary Do not leave" to the active proactiveness, Dalian 7.45 million citizens have a strong "owner" consciousness, "epidemics".

  "Chi Aid Dalian", the province, the whole people of the people.

  Develop process, allocate tasks, fight overnight … Song Lian, deputy director of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Shenyang Medical College, Dalian, the first night, 12 members leading the team, completed the nucleic acid detection of 20,000 people.

  93 fields in all parts of the country, streamlined, community control, etc. Taiwan equipment fire line is aided Dalian; the five large supermarkets in Shenyang transport 170 tons of rice noodles, 128 tons of vegetables such as domestic materials.

  Zhao Zuwei, director of Dalian Health and Health Committee, said that Dalian’s round of epidemics slowed down, and it is entering the smooth period, and the overall risk is controllable.

(Participate in the reporter: Zhang Boqun, Yao Jianfeng, Zhao Zhan, Wang Ying) Responsible Editor: Zhang Meixia.