Shijiazhuang: Multi-Powerful Night Market

Shijiazhuang: Multi-Powerful Night Market

Shijiazhuang: Multi-Powerful Night Market

Original title: Shijiazhuang: Multi-Power Starting Night Market In the evening of October 1, people have passed the decorative landscape in front of Shijiazhuang Pleasure Center. Hebei Daily reporter Feng Yang took the night of October 1, the Mid-Autumn Festival, the autumn wind is cool. Shijiazhuang’s night was lit by the lights, and the major business districts were surging. People stopped from time to time, taking up the bright moon hanging in the night sky, adding a beautiful figure for a long holiday.

In Zhuangli Street, Le Tai, a face red flag is more bright under the light.

Many hot pot restaurants put the table outdoors.

People are outdoors, watching lazy stars, enjoy a delicious cuisine.

Operating the Radio Lane in the morning at 4 o’clock in the morning, and the passenger flow in the evening accounted for more than 70% of the passenger flow.

The reporter saw that she was full of customers next to the table outside the store. Yao Hong will set this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival. He is usually settled in Taiyuan, and it is coming back to the family before the Mid-Autumn Festival, and a family of 5 to this.

"It is rarely eating very much, bringing them to taste the taste of young people today." Yao Hong said.

At 19 o’clock, the Tianfu snacks in Emei Town are difficult to eat, take the dish, the face, brown sugar, bell, bell dumpling, etc., hundreds of special foods are selected. The "Eleventh" holiday, here will extend at night for half an hour, providing convenience for customers who dinner at night. The catering industry is popular, and the same heat is not reduced in the shopping center.

On the air outside the North Country Mall not far from the center of Lotai, the "noisal street" for festival specially built is exclusive.

Outdoor clothing, kitchen supplies, children’s clothing and other small stores are put into containers, all kinds of 3D graffiti in containers, and people enter and exit, and they have been full. On the street, from time to time, there is "Iron Man" and "Giant" parade, which is wearing a clown costume, attracting people to take pictures.

All floors of the mall are also flowers.

This year’s holiday, North Country Mall specially opened 4 nights. From 19:00 to 24, the night field is preferred and the new autumn and winter new products, and the promotion activities are launched.

Some experience activities are also open to the public in the night.

Located in the deep blue super room in the North Country Mall, the experience of each time during the day is almost full. Xiao Lu and 4 friends from Hengshui City, came to experience the room escaped. "Very exciting, we have played a single game, ready to experience a new unit.

Xiao Lu said.

Different years ago, the night market dominated by the catering and the shopping night of "buy buy", now, Shijiazhuang’s night economy has gradually integrated leisure and culture, travel, and build a variety of experience scenarios. Among them, the quality of cultural consumption continues to improve, "cultural +" gradually enriches the connotation of night economy. At 21 o’clock, the insulating book store on the street of the provincial capital is brilliant. Some readers come through the night and disheganize tiredness in the book sea. The bookstore has a library area, a literary product area, a reading experience area, a coffee dessert, etc., Has formed an independent cultural consumer station, providing the public with a new choice for night cultural consumption.

Affected by the epidemic, the bookstore of the original 24-hour business will be shortened to 7:30 to 22:00. During the holiday, they extended the night business hours for half an hour. After you fight in the evening, you will also arrange your work on duty, so that customers can buy books at night.

The bookstore lights fire, and the cultural performance lights up. At 20 o’clock, the elite theater is playing the original stage drama "Happy International Zhuang".

The actors on the stage were invested, and the audience under the audience could have an emotion.

In this stage story, there is a stage play in a common family in Shijiazhuang, people feel the cities of the city in 40 years.

From October 1st to 4th, the Elite Theater will stage "Happy International Zhuang" in the evening. While doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, while ensuring the safety of the scene, the theater also opened the online live broadcast to watch the channel, so that people did not stay at home. In addition, the theater also focused on the two children’s dramas, and add color to the family ace ceremony. (Reporter Feng Yang) (Editor: Chen Si-Qi, Shi Jianzhong).